Information about Summer Holidays 2017


iOops will be closed for hollidays from 21st of July 2017 until 6th of August 2017.

Packages arriving form 21st of July until 6th of August will be hold by the Swiss Post. The Repair will then be done on the 7th of Agust or later in this week.

Please note that we usually are facing a higher frequenatation after the Summer Holidays. So may your repair will take a little longer than usual.

iPhone crashed?

Defektes iPhone 6

It happens instantly: Your iPhone pops out of your pocket and shatters on the ground.

The result: If you are lucky your device has only some scratches. But often a glass part breaks.

Apple usually doesn't repair damaged devices. They just exchange them for a high price.

iOops is doing something against it!

iOops offers you cheap repairs for the most occurring damages on your Apple smartphone. Exchanging broken glasses; repairing not working, connectors, buttons and loudspeakers. No problem for us.


All repairs quick and cheap...

All parts for standard iPhone repairs are in stock. So we can repair the most occurring damages on the day of arrival.

For standard iPhone repairs you'll get your device back within 4 days*
*Only if the needed parts are in stock and you're qualified for delivery with bill.

How does this work?

  • Day 1: You bring your broken device to the next post office and ship it to us by priority-service.
  • Day 2: Your device arrives at our repair facility. We'll inspect the device. If the repair cost will be lower than the limit you set in the repair form we'll repair and ship the device as fast as possible. Mostly on the same day. If the price for the repair will be higher than the setted limit our technican will contact you by phone or e-mail.
  • Day 3: We'll repair and ship your device at latest on this day. We're shipping by Swiss Post Priority. So you'll get back your phone as fast as possible.
  • Day 4: Your phone arrives at your post box. Please pay the included invoice within the next 14 Days.

Low prices - High Quality!

Repair Price ListHere you find a listing of the most important iPhone repairs with they're pricing.
  • All our prices are all-inclusive. No additional charge for shipping and handling!
  • Delivery with invoice
  • You pay only for successful repairs
iPhone type:
Apple iPhone 4 Apple iPhone 5 Apple iPhone 5c Apple iPhone 5s Apple iPhone 6 Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 5 Apple iPhone 5c Apple iPhone 5s Apple iPhone 6 Apple iPhone 6s
Change Glass & LCD:
CHF 80.00 CHF 80.00 CHF 100.00 CHF 100.00  CHF 120.00 CHF 150.00
Replace battery:
CHF 40.00 CHF 45.00 CHF 45.00 CHF 45.00 CHF 45.00 CHF 45.00

Send in iPhone for Repair Bring in iPhone for Repair Full Pricelist

Found a cheaper service? iOops is using purely original or high-quality OEM Parts. So we can guarantee your satisfaction and an optimal price-result balance. Cheap repair-companies often use cheap replicas or copied parts in low quality. Those repairs are cheap but won't satisfy you.  To that iOops is offering you a 1 Year warranty for the replaced part. If something doesn't work as it should we'll fix that free of charge.